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Your journey to revenue recovery starts now. As a certified Shopify® Partner we invite your to feel free and install app. You can also schedule a demo.


We've found that applying a small discount via a friendly SMS text is the configuration that is most effective.


Our team studies your brand and FAQs and script the perfect messaging for abandoned cart recovery.


We provide an useful and easy to read data dashboard so you can CartConvo® at work real time and historically.


1. What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

  • 98% of texts are read
  • 90% of texts are read within 10 minutes
  • 35% click-through rates
  • 94% of businesses using text messaging recommend it
  • 52% of businesses owners in the US say it's a major disruptor
  • 5x ROI guaranteed (25x ROI is CartConvo® average*)

2. Is SMS marketing right for my store?

Generally speaking any DTC store can benefit from SMS marketing. Email is still relevant but there is a huge demographic that uses eMail at a minimum and is glued to their phone.

SMS upsells, winbacks and welcome series are campaigns that are more profitable than email.

There are some high fashion brands that don't store wide policies of not offering discounts but can still benefit from some sort of SMS engagement

3. Are text messages regulated?

Yes! Back in 2012 the FCC (Federal Communications Commissions) put SMS messages in the same category an “automated call,” which are regulated under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

We have a few compliance steps that you'll need to through to optimize your settings for SMS. Our app ensures your SMS campaigns are al compliant.

4. How often should I text customers?

That's entirely up to you but according to a recent consumer report 90% of people said that 1-2 text messages a week is best for a brand that they follow.

5. How do I build my SMS list?

There are several ways you can go about this we recommend the following:

  • eMailing your existing customers and asking them to 'opt-in to SMS updates'
  • Pop-up for new visitors asking for SMS
  • Asking consumers to opt-in during checkout

5. How much will SMS marketing cost me?

At CartConvo our app is completely free to install. Please see our pricing page for information enterprise lever pricing but there is no initial cost. e don't make money until you make money and we guarantee ROI.*

Once you have made a sale through our app we charge our customers are small percentage of that revenue.

* Schedule a demo to see how we can guarantee ROI

"The biggest no brainer in the history of eCom."


Jermaine Hopkins

Consultant, Blue Glass Agency